Of the vestal lathe and mecher’s dream,

Of the lazy days and rust’s cream;

Of the words drooping from the machine,

Oh!! The Blue Earth!!


Of the man with Bengali eloquence,

Equations altered in verse’s presence;

Of the knowledge so deep to love,

Oh!! The Blue Earth!!


Of the orotund of the shaper’s chime,

Of the humdrum of life’s rhyme;

Of the sweetness in beard’s grace,

Oh!! The Blue Earth!!


Of the history, forgotten to retell,

Of the labor in lethargy’s veil,

Of the pride that guards,

Oh!! The Blue Earth!!


Of the genial milling machine’s glee,

Of the dark corners one seeks to see;

Of the clever loves being made,

Oh!! The Blue Earth!!


Of the sagacious old man,

Of the dark winds who love the swan;

Of the sweets yet to melt,

Oh!! The Blue Earth!!


Of the heat which impedes the iron,

Of the lover’s tale, a mere bygone;

Of that love who knew its fate,

Oh!! The Blue Earth!!


Of the soft sweats and baby talks,

Of the kissed mornings and tired walks,

Of the roaming rain and forbidden love,

Oh!! The Blue Earth!!


Of the surreptitious meetings and petty proxies,

Of decades of drama, the machine sees;

Of the damsel’s loved dirt,

Oh!! The Blue Earth!!


Of the evanescent kisses and ineluctable love,

Of the dynamics of solid and fluid,

Of theories in practical’s grid,

Oh!! The Blue Earth!!





The interloper incises through the broken glass,

The cowered shell of the ‘un- painted’ vase;

Pain flows;

Please, set me free !!


What will the seamy phone say?

No exposition of the whimsical man’s way;

Let it be the slave;

I want to fly away!!


Of that devil’s kiss, let me break free,

I can’t be the possessed feminine you lust to see;

I am the bird, with wings of emotion,

Oh!! Let me fly away !!


Let the flute break into a thousand song;

Please for me, undo the right and re do the wrong;

For it gives me one more reason to hate myself;

Please let me fly away!!


If you seek for the exuberant soul, go to grave,

With chrysanthemums, she will wave;

For what can a dead heart think?

I rot in confusion!!


Even the petulant thorn cries to see the blood in rose,

Even the night soothes the magnolia in morose;

But not even a zombie can undo the stones;

My heart won’t cry !!


The fecund words want to sing;

I stop them, for the future they will bring;

They should be destroyed before the rhyme-love;

It is painful !!


Of that smile through the wind of the flute,

Of the baby talks, useless to be cute;

Of those univocal letters and the rhymes to come,

I wonder, do I still care?


Of that right, I die to deserve,

Of that future you never wished to preserve;

Of that highway which still seeks to burst;

Do I still care?


Of that patience through the light of the star,

Of that alluring wave, coming from the shores, so far;

Of tears and blood which bore my verses,

Is it more than just ‘care’?




When the poetry thwarts,

When the rhyme bursts,

When the words won’t stop talking about you,

Let me write prose!!


Those jumbled words of hide and seek,

That loving girl, coy and meek;

That not- to – be expressed love;

Let me fly away!!


Of those rhymes we made,

Words coming from the muse’s braid,

Of the promised verse, yet to compose,

Release me!!


Of the broken word and the sad rhyme,

Of the love that will never come;

Of the sun who hates the dawn;

Let me be the hatred!!


Of the unfinished meter which wants to sing,

Of the words who lost their wing,

Of that voice who wishes to speak out,

Oh, I love to hate you !!


Of the verses of love and melodies of lust,

I decline to write, and be the wanderlust;

Of that feeling that resides in your heart,

I know !!


Of the memories of the song-not-to-be sung,

Of that prayer that should not be rung,

Of that word without the axiom,

Let me fly away !!


Of those torn pages and unknown heat,

Of that instrument and the known beat,

Of that zombie love,

Set me free!!


Let the poet give a rest,

Let the chaotic words do their best;

Let the rhyme leave the form;

Still, I compose!!


Of the endless song, you promised to sing,

Like the love of malhar and the rain;

Like the drop of wind on Bagesree,

I wait !!




Let the tear drops smile in glee,

For the desired separation I wish to be;

Let the tear drops steal the blue,

Oh!! I remain the explorer!!


Let the voice be twined with stare,

Should the lonely sky, still care?

Let the throat gulp down the word,

I wish, I could care!!


Let the resonance echo through the string,

Let the smile fade away in the rain;

Let the love remain an outsider,

Let me be the explorer!!


Let the prickles of love spread the rumor,

Let the wind be high in this needy hour;

Let the leaves burst in crescents,

Oh!! Let me be the cloud !!


Of sweet satires in melting word,

Of bitter sugar in harmless sword;

Of the tragedy that was written in the star,

Oh!! Let me be the explorer!!


Of the love, forgotten and forbidden,

Of the abundance of the falling rain;

Of the sweet mud that lives,

Oh!! Let me be the water!!


Of the soft claws of the bird of prey,

Of the cold, yellow, stubborn ray;

Of the beak that will never hurt,

Oh!! Let me fly away!!


Of the rotten touches you won’t let go,

Of that infidel love, I will always show;

Of that kiss-not-to-tell game,

An explorer, I shall remain !!


Let the wink pass away in second,

Let the eye lashes chirp in hour’s hand;

Let the star give light to the glare;

Let me be the star of the wanderer!!


 Let me be the kiss of the kohl,

Let me tease you, I won’t cajole;

Let me dive in eternity’s breath,

Let me be the kiss of the wanderer!!




She sat in the drawing room, repeatedly looking at her watch. Her face was graced by worried expressions, overshadowing the tiredness that she carried with her.

“Hey , the cupcakes are yummy “, Sabs broke the silence taking one of cupcakes which were arranged on a glass plate .

“Oh? Thanks “, Arohi replied  turning around. “ When will he be here ? “ , her voice trembled.

Sabs looked at his watch and said, “ Should be in an hour .”

“Oh !! “, Arohi looked at him with a blank expression. She got up from her chair and went towards the kitchen. Taking the icing cone, she looked at the cupcakes. The heart- shaped chocolate cupcake with strawberry icing and heart shaped little waffles on the top looked at her as if trying to cheer her up. “Are you sure he will love them ? “ , she asked Sabs again in the same trembling tone.

“OF COURSE!! “ , Sabs walked up to her and asserted. “ Why are you so scared? Arohi,get some rest. I will let you know when he comes”.

“ I am scared and you know why “, Arohi replied gravely.

“See………. “, Sabs replied. “ You are trying your best. So am I. This is all we can do. Now it depends on fate. You can’t do anything Arohi. It hasn’t been a week since you arrived from India. Then you travelled from Wichita and took the overnight bus to come here at Minnesota. After that, you baked such wonderful cupcakes with white rum  and chicken kababs. You should really rest you know “. Arohi listened to him without any expression.

“Here “, Sabs continued handing her a glass of wine. “ At least drink it “. Arohi shrugged and went to the chair where she was sitting.

“Thanks.But not now “.

“Ufffffff !!!!!! “ , Sabs replied . This time, it was evident he is annoyed. He tried to keep himself calm. He took a chair and sat in front of Arohi. He looked into her eyes and started talking, “Listen Arohi. You were the one to ping me. And then we started that conversation 8 months ago. Arohi, we know you came here just because of him. It has been 6 years you guys haven’t talked to each other but am I to believe that you were only friends?See, Ronnie cared for you but he too didn’t know what was it . Arohi, life is not a game … This is serious Arohi!! You guys NEED to fix things. Tell me honestly why did you let your ex leave you? You didn’t cry for him. Why Arohi? Were you at all happy with him? Answer ME !! “

Tears slipped from Arohi’s eyes . “ I—– I—don’t know Sabs. Honestly , I didn’t ping you to talk about Ronnie. I pinged you in Facebook for the book promotion. Then it all started. I felt like saying. I couldn’t stop my heart. Ronnie won’t even speak to me. He hates me. I don’t know why. He didn’t give me a space to tell him what I want. He believed others. Sabs….. What was I supposed to do? Then he got involved with someone else and I thought ……. Sabs … Ronnie is a hero. He has always been my hero. He will always be.”

“I don’t know “, replied Sabs a little indifferently . “All I can say , as his best friend that he was not sure of himself. He cared for you more than any guy can care for you. Accept it Arohi “.

“I do “, Arohi nodded her head. “ Of course I do. I have preserved those memories…… those long late night walks back home, that smiling face, that hand which was around my shoulders in our college fest, that mesmerizing night when we were together, dancing. I was so juvenile then . And he was the prince , protecting me , showing me the way ; I was scared to walk home late in the night ; he was there for me ; he used to be there for me whenever I asked him. He would scold me, and then he would laugh with me. He would never keep me waiting. But then things changed and I don’t know how………. Sabs ….. I don’t know!!“  Arohi broke down in tears.

“Stop this Arohi . Crying won’t help.Have you ever been able to achieve anything by crying?And you do know Ronnie ; how much he hates girls who cry. So stop this ‘nautanki ‘.  Let us wait for Ronnie. I am going to the airport to pick him up.Will be back in less than twenty minutes. You know what to do”. Sabs left with the car keys and banged the door behind him.

Arohi went to the washroom to freshen up. She came back to the drawing room and grabbing her purse from the center table, she went into the bedroom. Her back pack was already there.She closed the door and sitting on the bed, she started wondering . She did not know what will happen. Sabs had said that Ronnie has not changed. Will she see that charming face with the sparkling smile again? How will he react when he sees her? She was confused. She was scared. She had nothing to lose, For all these 6 years, she had made herself belief that she was alone, that things can’t be undone. And now … here she was … at Ronnie’s best friend’s apartment , hoping to change things. Sabs had invited Ronnie and Ronnie had no idea Arohi would be there . Loud voices, noise of the travel bag broke Arohi’s daydream; she heard someone opening the door. Her heart skipped fast. She could sense her own heartbeat. She peeped through the door of the bedroom and saw Ronnie coming inside the apartment. She looked at him, his sight , mollifying her eyes , soothing them ……… It was a relief from an unknown pain. She saw them talking and laughing and after 5 minutes, Sabs went to the kitchen and brought him the plate of cupcakes, chicken kababs and poured some wine.

“Cupcakes ?? Nice dude!! “, Ronnie replied taking one of them.

“ Ummmmmm……. Yummmyyyy “, he replied and finishing it soon, took a kabab. “ Awesome bro “, he said in a tone which seemed like a music to Arohi’s ears.

“From where did you get these? “ , Ronnie asked.

“Well…. Surprise for you “, Sabs beamed.  “Come out “ , he said in a loud voice , looking at the bedroom. Arohi got the cue and came out. Her curls covered her face; she was wearing a floral shirt and white shorts; two round ear rings adorned her face and a pretty dolphin pendent graced her visible collar bones. She walked up to the table shyly, her multi colored wooden bangles making the sound of her presence. Ronnie looked at her and got up.

“Why is she here? “, he charged Sabs. His charming face changed into rage, something which Arohi was scared of.

“Ronnie,listen buddy … Wait !! “, Sabs tried to calm him down.

“So she tricked you into this ? “ , Ronnie fumed with anger .

Tears dropped from Arohi’s eyes and she stood there; her world was falling apart.

“Ronnie…. Please listen to me “, Sabs grabbed hold of his shoulders.

“NOOO……. YOU LISTEN TO ME … I DON’T WANT TO SEE HER. EITHER SHE LEAVES OR I. I DON’T WANT TO SEE HER …. I DIDN’T COME FROM MICHIGAN JUST FOR THIS !!“  He threw the cupcakes and the kababs on the floor. Arohi looked at them silently. She went to the bedroom to take her luggage while Sabs tried to control Ronnie’s temper.She knew Ronnie’s rage pretty well. Maybe that is one reason she admired him so well. In the cheerful figure, that rage, brought out that strong personality , that stubbornness , which she adored, admired and worshiped in clandestine . She feared him too and though she realized everything was coming to an end, she kept on worshiping her hero.

“Listen…… “, Sabs shouted.”That girl waited 6 years for you … she traveled all the way from Wichita and baked all these just for you . She had a major operation a few months back. Just look at her. Even God forgives. Why can’t you? Why don’t you just give her a chance? Just listen to her maybe? “

For some reason, Ronnie listened to him silently. Arohi came out and started walking towards the door.

Sabs noticed and said , “ Hey wait up .Where are you going ? “

“Leaving “ , Arohi replied in a broken tone.

“You just can’t leave now. The bus station is far from here. How will you travel with all this luggage? And I know you are not that well either!!”

“I will manage “.

“You can’t. What if something happens to you?“

“Doesn’t matter. Nothing matters anymore. Doesn’t matter if I live or die. Let him stay here. He said either it is me or him. I am leaving “. Arohi felt as if she was surrounded by something dark, and then a warmth touched her arms and shoulders , the warmth she had felt 6 years back had surrounded her, it was stronger than ever , the warmth of her hero , the warmth of her prince , the warmth of a feeling called  “love “.




Of the sweet smell of machine,
Of Blue Earth’s little noise;
Of that old man’s face so serene ,
Tears drop !!


Of the touch of the iron,

Of the days, forgotten and gone ,

Of the dark nooks of the pump,

I look like an outsider !!


Of the sweetness of sweat,

Of the sour rashes of the heat,

Of the bitterness of the pebbles,

The variegated Blue Earth!!


Of that old man who lives through the batches,

Meets the lovers, smiles and watches;

Of that old man to remember always,

Oh!! The memories !!


Of that blushing court that stares,

Of that sweet Blue Earth that cares,

Of that pebbles and green road that lay in between,

Hear the wonder dance of the machines!!


Let me be that dark corner,

Where bleeds the rough fingers,

Where the unwanted love still lingers,

Let me be the dirt of Blue Earth !!


Of that deserted pump which remains a virgin,

Of the arena’s loss and win,

Of that spared kiss which bloom in dirt,

Of the mesmerizing Blue Earth !!


Of the muddy shelter in summer rain,

Of that careless life without pain;

Of that unwanted love, too sweet to bear,

Of that Blue Earth which knows everything!!


Of the idyllic humor of the dark stair,

Of the tools, ‘mechers’ would hardly care;

Of the lazy gossips and idle feet,

Oh!! The Blue Earth !!


Of the sudden vernal smell of machine,

Of the epics, the Blue Earth wants to sing,

Of the whispers long foretold ,

Oh!! The elegant Blue Earth !!




Of the melting kiss, that feeds the fever,

Of that scarlet lip, that burn every hour;

Let me feel the ice in water’s warmth,

Let me delve deep into the ocean of memories !!


Of that lost wink, of that flying eye lash,

Of that green water, which the tears wish to wash,

Of that flowing cream,

A Piscean fish , I dream , I dream !!


Of that unspoken noise the ear hears,

Of that burdensome greed , the heart bears;

Of that lonely night which falls on the petals,

Let me give away myself !!



Of that rejected love, let us celebrate,

Pick it up again, but not to ameliorate;

To seep it through the torn skin,

Oh my sweet uncertainty!!


Let the mist grow from that jasmine’s bosom,

Let the leaves grow green and torn;

Let the red play in black’s cloak;

Let me be the thirst of uncertainty!!


Let the blue be blue for the dawn is clever,

Let the red be blue, for the night wants to whisper;

Let the petals bloom in blue,

Let me be the blue of your eyes!!


Of the written song without the tune,

Of that spoken words of the sand dune;

Of the wind that travels to tell,

Oh!! Let me be that breeze !!


Of that light feather crown,

Of that desired red gown,

Of that lost dream, which speaks to Eternity,

I scream, ‘ Please don’t come back “ !!


Of the stolen nightmares, let the night go,

Of the promised secrets, the dawn herself will show;

Of the colored leaf, the cloud wishes to paint ,

Oh!! Let me be the sweet breeze !!


Of the forbidden fever, let the heart blush,

Of the light leaves, let there be no rush;

Of the butterfly that stretches the colors in the sea,

Oh !! The unknown explorer I wish to be !!