The feelings are recondite,

Escaping into the uncertainty;

The wings seek to travel without the air;

Without the ink, the pen wants to indite ;  

‘ Home coming ‘ ! ‘ Homecoming !’



The abstruse feelings flow into words,

The sharp claws of greed give the glare;

In that unknown sand, grows the roots ;

Of a leaf, red and fair ;

The heart whispers, ‘ Home coming ‘ ! ‘ Homecoming !’



The mind stops to think in the saturnine cage,

The breath of time reveals the war to wage;

Into that lucid turn of the white galaxy ;

 ‘ Home coming ‘ ! ‘ Homecoming !’


For the lazy moments spent in conversations,

For those  promises to be made and loved,

For those dreams which will not come true;

The heart says ,’ Home coming ‘ ! ‘ Homecoming !’

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