Masked faces in green or blue ;

Machines everywhere ;

Pain they do not care.

If only it was not true.


Anesthetics enervate me ;

If only I would not believe what I see.

In the prison -bed I lose my existence ,

In nausea without any resistance .


A lightened universe starts to denigrate ,

Machines in my body start to penetrate ;

From this rotting body if only I could break free,

Live in my soul : me and only me.


My soul cries , “ I am a woman ;

Not a robot “; But who will listen ?

My bed is white;

With cotton roses , red and bright;

Wishing to see you before I close my eyes,

If only you would come and give me a surprise.

Save me from this prison- loop,

Show me the reason to live , show me hope.


Hold my hand before I fall from the crashing plane,

Or is it the prison bed ?

They feed me tablets driving me insane ,

“ It is for my own good “, they said .


What good is there to stay like this ?

Come and show me life’s bliss;

I stare at the light from that window ;

I try to strain my weak eyebrow;

Scared of the same light that only comes ;

Irritated with the tasteless colored things ;

My body burns ;

Left in deep affliction by my fellow human beings.


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