WRITTEN IN ILL HEALTH (III ) :- ESCAPE (P.S. This is not ” morbid ” ; at least according to me ) ; BEFORE THE 5TH OPERATION ; 9 th November 2013

Let me fly on the wings of imagination ,
As the fragile body smiles in the prison .
Let me wonder at those falling stars ,
Let me sneak out in anesthetic hours .
Let me believe in those magical dreams,
Let me believe reality is not this hard as it seems.


I look at  the ray that peeps through my window pane ,

I smile and try to catch it and get drenched in the falling rain ;

I lost my tears for they had gone to the devil’s  dungeon,

I regain my life as I try to recover from the pain.


A warrior shall I remain ,

The struggle will not go in vain .

For those friendly faces , I decide , not to speak a word,

With every attack , I grow stronger with my sword.


Yet at times , I crawl to your feet ,

With ornaments of victory , not defeat .

For you have been there with me always with your trident ,

My beloved , the oldest of Gods , the brave warrior with the serpent 

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