It is not the love I feel to hold on ,
It is the pain I cherish to tie;
It is not the dream I want to hold on,
It is the wanderlust I want to be !! 


Of those cold touches, let it call a truce,

Call it back again, for that winked kiss.

Let the wings of the night shed the feathers of dawn,

Let me be  free… !! Oh , let me be  free !!


Let the nails do the piercing for the lips are too weak,

Let those eyes drown in me, for the love I seek.

But I can’t stay long for the wind calls me for the dawn,

Of the crowned princess, I wait in my olive gown !!




Of the swoony touches and idle smile ,

Of those cowered waters, falling little by little ;

Of those reiterated sands in the dragon-love ,

I emerge !!



Of those forbidden thorns, I desire to dream,

Of that freezing kiss which I want to be mine;

Of that trauma which transcends my soul,

I breathe in fresh air !!


See the glow-worms lending light to the star,

Let us love each other, but do stay far;

Let the sulking storm drown me in waves,

Let me fly away !! Oh, Let me fly away !!


Of the blue flower, of the sweet divine,

‘Love , love love ‘, what is there to whine ? !

Of that turbulent rose that thrives in shallows,

Let us ‘ un-love’  !! Oh, let us ‘un-love ‘ !!



Of that half- hearted touch, let it snow,

Of that unshed petal, let the stalk grow.

Of that light, from no-man’s land,

Let the star bloom !! Oh, let the start bloom !!


Seek the soul for a minuscule of laughter,

Breathe the soul in that devil’s water;

Let the night freeze and have a moment to stay,

Words, no but I have rhymes to say !!


Of forgetfulness, of that un-pained love,

Of too much clichéd soul searching,

Of that future , with no stability to bring,

I remain an explorer !! An explorer !!


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