For the spectacled love, let me dive,

Collect the grains of oyster in my sieve ;

For that unspoken tears, let me cry ,

An explorer…. I shall fly !!


Of the wings of the dragon that breathes in the sea,

Of that phoenix-love, I want to be ;

Of that melting desire, set me free;

I dream !!  I dream !!


Of that dauntless mare who forgives the grass,

Of that withering rose who is in rush;

Of that cherished smile that mocks the mendicant,

I sulk in the grave of the chrysanthemum !!


Let the hairs loosen and fall freely through that untouched skin,

Let that glare in those ignored eyes cherish the white cream;

Let me speak of you till my heart aches in ennui ;

Let me rest !! Oh, let me rest !!


Of the silent thunder that mollifies the flower,

Of that dune of confusion, which grows every hour;

Of that hackneyed wilderness that merges in us,

I remain the ghost of that wanderlust !!


Of that pleasant homophobia which has set me free ,

Of that mesmerizing ignorance which made me see;

Of that never-ending past which speaks to me ;

I remain an explorer!! An Explorer !!


Let the princess kiss the ring of the storm,

Let the dusk skip the night and smooch the helpless dawn;

Let the flower bloom before the sun overshadows her,

Let the moon speak of her enamored hours !!


Let the soapy wrinkle blush ,

Of treasures hidden in that strange silk;

Let the lazy winds rush ,

Let me delve deep in wanderlust !!


Let the creeps unleash the midnight miasma,

Let the clandestine flowers shine ;

Let us speak of love in hatred’s aura ,

But let the greed be mine !!

(10 )

Let me tear the tone that covered your hand,

Let me leave for the not-to-be-found land ;

Let me spread the violet wings in nitrogen ,

I have left the earth … I am the wanderer again !!

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