Of the melting kiss, that feeds the fever,

Of that scarlet lip, that burn every hour;

Let me feel the ice in water’s warmth,

Let me delve deep into the ocean of memories !!


Of that lost wink, of that flying eye lash,

Of that green water, which the tears wish to wash,

Of that flowing cream,

A Piscean fish , I dream , I dream !!


Of that unspoken noise the ear hears,

Of that burdensome greed , the heart bears;

Of that lonely night which falls on the petals,

Let me give away myself !!



Of that rejected love, let us celebrate,

Pick it up again, but not to ameliorate;

To seep it through the torn skin,

Oh my sweet uncertainty!!


Let the mist grow from that jasmine’s bosom,

Let the leaves grow green and torn;

Let the red play in black’s cloak;

Let me be the thirst of uncertainty!!


Let the blue be blue for the dawn is clever,

Let the red be blue, for the night wants to whisper;

Let the petals bloom in blue,

Let me be the blue of your eyes!!


Of the written song without the tune,

Of that spoken words of the sand dune;

Of the wind that travels to tell,

Oh!! Let me be that breeze !!


Of that light feather crown,

Of that desired red gown,

Of that lost dream, which speaks to Eternity,

I scream, ‘ Please don’t come back “ !!


Of the stolen nightmares, let the night go,

Of the promised secrets, the dawn herself will show;

Of the colored leaf, the cloud wishes to paint ,

Oh!! Let me be the sweet breeze !!


Of the forbidden fever, let the heart blush,

Of the light leaves, let there be no rush;

Of the butterfly that stretches the colors in the sea,

Oh !! The unknown explorer I wish to be !! 

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