Let the tear drops smile in glee,

For the desired separation I wish to be;

Let the tear drops steal the blue,

Oh!! I remain the explorer!!


Let the voice be twined with stare,

Should the lonely sky, still care?

Let the throat gulp down the word,

I wish, I could care!!


Let the resonance echo through the string,

Let the smile fade away in the rain;

Let the love remain an outsider,

Let me be the explorer!!


Let the prickles of love spread the rumor,

Let the wind be high in this needy hour;

Let the leaves burst in crescents,

Oh!! Let me be the cloud !!


Of sweet satires in melting word,

Of bitter sugar in harmless sword;

Of the tragedy that was written in the star,

Oh!! Let me be the explorer!!


Of the love, forgotten and forbidden,

Of the abundance of the falling rain;

Of the sweet mud that lives,

Oh!! Let me be the water!!


Of the soft claws of the bird of prey,

Of the cold, yellow, stubborn ray;

Of the beak that will never hurt,

Oh!! Let me fly away!!


Of the rotten touches you won’t let go,

Of that infidel love, I will always show;

Of that kiss-not-to-tell game,

An explorer, I shall remain !!


Let the wink pass away in second,

Let the eye lashes chirp in hour’s hand;

Let the star give light to the glare;

Let me be the star of the wanderer!!


 Let me be the kiss of the kohl,

Let me tease you, I won’t cajole;

Let me dive in eternity’s breath,

Let me be the kiss of the wanderer!!

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