When the poetry thwarts,

When the rhyme bursts,

When the words won’t stop talking about you,

Let me write prose!!


Those jumbled words of hide and seek,

That loving girl, coy and meek;

That not- to – be expressed love;

Let me fly away!!


Of those rhymes we made,

Words coming from the muse’s braid,

Of the promised verse, yet to compose,

Release me!!


Of the broken word and the sad rhyme,

Of the love that will never come;

Of the sun who hates the dawn;

Let me be the hatred!!


Of the unfinished meter which wants to sing,

Of the words who lost their wing,

Of that voice who wishes to speak out,

Oh, I love to hate you !!


Of the verses of love and melodies of lust,

I decline to write, and be the wanderlust;

Of that feeling that resides in your heart,

I know !!


Of the memories of the song-not-to-be sung,

Of that prayer that should not be rung,

Of that word without the axiom,

Let me fly away !!


Of those torn pages and unknown heat,

Of that instrument and the known beat,

Of that zombie love,

Set me free!!


Let the poet give a rest,

Let the chaotic words do their best;

Let the rhyme leave the form;

Still, I compose!!


Of the endless song, you promised to sing,

Like the love of malhar and the rain;

Like the drop of wind on Bagesree,

I wait !!

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