The interloper incises through the broken glass,

The cowered shell of the ‘un- painted’ vase;

Pain flows;

Please, set me free !!


What will the seamy phone say?

No exposition of the whimsical man’s way;

Let it be the slave;

I want to fly away!!


Of that devil’s kiss, let me break free,

I can’t be the possessed feminine you lust to see;

I am the bird, with wings of emotion,

Oh!! Let me fly away !!


Let the flute break into a thousand song;

Please for me, undo the right and re do the wrong;

For it gives me one more reason to hate myself;

Please let me fly away!!


If you seek for the exuberant soul, go to grave,

With chrysanthemums, she will wave;

For what can a dead heart think?

I rot in confusion!!


Even the petulant thorn cries to see the blood in rose,

Even the night soothes the magnolia in morose;

But not even a zombie can undo the stones;

My heart won’t cry !!


The fecund words want to sing;

I stop them, for the future they will bring;

They should be destroyed before the rhyme-love;

It is painful !!


Of that smile through the wind of the flute,

Of the baby talks, useless to be cute;

Of those univocal letters and the rhymes to come,

I wonder, do I still care?


Of that right, I die to deserve,

Of that future you never wished to preserve;

Of that highway which still seeks to burst;

Do I still care?


Of that patience through the light of the star,

Of that alluring wave, coming from the shores, so far;

Of tears and blood which bore my verses,

Is it more than just ‘care’?

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