With the puerile wink behind the kohl,

With the febrile ink, I quibble,

Trading on the paths of your indifference !!


Of a gardener’s water  quaffed like the rain,

I look for the summer star in the silhouette of the night,

I stumble upon your indifference’s light !!


Like the swoony prey delighted by the eagle’s masquerade ,

I breathe in the crow’s sleeping hour,

Nurturing the bud of your indifference’s flower!!


Yet the magnolia blooms for a dead vicissitude,

I ponder upon the words of shame and solitude;

My world is now your indifference !!

4 thoughts on “INDIFFERENCE (II)

  1. what a conclusion- “My world is now your indifference”- a heat touching line on the theme of unrequited love.

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