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The azure stands melt in harmony,
With the jejune cascade: serene and pied;
In the alfresco wind, their hues swayed;
Smiles the august : Dudh Sagar !!

The virgin apogee lists towards the sky,
Her tear drops burning in appeasing ice;
The sparkling hues of her trails damp her cry;
Waits the virgin : Dudh Sagar!!

The whistle of the train bloomed the inchoate seeds of anxiety;
The wait is soon going to be over;
The melody brought the news of the wanderer;
Yes !! Arrives the insouciant wanderer !!

In rave and desultory note, he kisses the dust,
Quenching that everlasting thirst;
The diffident Dudh Sagar quails;
Touched by the wanderer !!

He clambers over the rocks, he feels their pores,
He touches the musty root, where love seldom grows;
The serenity of his eyes, he gives in love,
Oh, the wanderer in Dudh Sagar !!

The ephemeral moments lose their way in the green,
The wanderer accedes to the call of the railway track;
He leaves the abysmal moments in affliction;
Moments of the wanderer in Dudh Sagar !!

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