Under a different sky, with the hues of water,
Across the seven seas, a home called ‘ another’;
The strangeness is born !!

A wanderer, yet with a home,
Of the zero hotel bill, under the shade of the pine,
The stream started to flow, I don’t know when !!

‘Family’, the strangeness cries,
Of love in paper’s ties,
Of love that brought up a little girl ,
The strangeness asks, ‘ is this my home ? ‘

A pat on the hair, a peck on the cheek ,
A princess in an earthen gown,
Adorned in strangeness’s crown !!

The sail that drifted from east to west ,
The sun that kisses the sunflower state,
In the strangeness, grows a feeling caled ‘ home ‘. orange-animated-girl-butterfly



  1. Ah, home is where the heart is. And your heart always is with your dada and didi πŸ™‚
    So have fun in the second home for now. Soak in the beauty.
    And enjoy your stay. Party in the USA πŸ˜‰

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