An unexpected love of fever,

The kiss of Tilottama,

No, the bed is not for me anymore !!


Let the pangs sing their cries,

I can feel the weakness creeping in my nerves,

Yet the fresh air of morning I shall not miss,

Neither the  laughter’s bliss;

This should be different , this time !!


For the heart which endured pain,

And continues to continue the same,

It is nothing but  a moment’s faint;

The bed is not for me anymore !!



The bold breathlessness tries hard,

But the breath remains mine alone,

A wonder of life shall I not miss,

A moment’s faint, a moment’s joy !!


I rest my heart at your feet,

For the fragile body seeks to wither away,

Let the body rot and let my soul say,

The words, unspoken !!

Let me be the crescent moon of your matted hair !!






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