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When the light conceals the secrets,

When life conceals death,

The darkness heralds,



Verity is a virtue in the cloak of the invincible,

Roar is the melody of the silence unheard,

And power : just an organ,

Of thee : THE HERO


Self esteem adds the sparkle to that smile,

Like the mesmerising lightening ;

Beautiful with power,

Of thee : THE HERO


The umbrage  erupts ,

Like the dormant volcano,

Spreading through the skin of rocks,

Magnificent !! Enriched in splendour,

Of thee : THE HERO  !!



Let me worship thy darkness,

When light fails to soak the dead,

When life thrives in that dark dungeon,

A mere doggerel , for you,

Thee, Lord of Darkness : THE HERO



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