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It was pretty humid with so many flabby , bulgy neighbors around. The train they said has been delayed and I of course, had nobody to talk to. Waiting is something which has been ingrained within me from the moment I was born, or rather, she would prefer to say it, “created”.

“A rare species ”, I heard him say as she talked about me with ebullience , over that electronic thing, which I disliked.

“At least not mainstream”, she had replied which made me feel special.

It seemed like I had already started missing her. She told me about my grandparents  and great grandparents  , about their achievements and also their pathetic road towards extinction. Oh, how I wish I could see them or at least I could be one of them .

“Heyyyyyy; I presume I’m not alone ”, a cheerful voice called me. I looked around and found it smiling at the corner.

I felt like I was seeing a ghost !! OMG !!  Someone from my species? Was I dreaming? I smiled back.

“ I’m bored here with nobody to talk to ”, it said.

“ Precisely what I was thinking ”, I replied back.

“ So.. tell me about yourself ”, it was curious to know about me.

“Myself? “, I asked. In the long life where I get to travel only once, I faced this awkward question, I could never give a reply to. “ Umm…. I really don’t know ”, I muttered. “ What about you ? ”

It looked confused. “ Actually, even I’m wondering the same”, it said.

“You know, I wish I could question back to my creator , who do I belong to ? ”

“ Come on, dumbo, we belong to the one we have been created for”.

“And the one who created us ?”

There was a pause.  I realized we were being extremely philosophical. It was the 1st time I met someone from my own species and all the questions that have been bothering us ,  have now started to expunge out. But I knew I had to carry on the conversation. I was quite aware of my fate; I knew he was going to receive me, read me and then preserve me in the pages of a diary or some file. That was it before I die by some fire or deluge of rain or get poisoned by insects or blown away by the storm.  He is my creator’s close friend and she had the belief that he would not tear me apart. That is what my creator had said before dispatching me, “ I know he will not throw you away ” and I have faith in her words.

“ Leave it ”, I said. “ So why did your creator create you ? ”

“ Oh, she said I’m her 1st child ”, it blushed.

“ Meaning ?” I wondered.

“ Well, she said I have been borne out of love and hence am her child  and since I’m the 1st one she has created, so , the 1st child ”. It was so excited.

“ Aha… so you must be filled with more kisses than words ”, I teased.

“Well, that is kind of true .” It blushed again. “ What about you ?”

“My story isn’t as exciting as yours ”, I grinned, “ My creator created me for the sake of writing to her close friend”.

“ For the sake of writing?”, it was curious.

“ Actually  yes ”, I replied back. “ She enjoys writing with pen and she has some weird ideologies which even her friend didn’t understand”.

“If the one you are created for don’t understand your origin,  what is the cause of creation then?”

“ She said it is my species which fascinates her more than anything .”

“Even in this world of SMS and e-mails?”

“Yes. I presume your creator must have thought the same too .”

“Perhaps you are right, But my story is different .”

“Would love to hear it then.”

“Well, when my creator’s lover was in my creator’s city, they went for a movie and there they saw how long time back, lovers would send each other letters and they were extremely fascinated by the idea. Hence I was created”.

“So  they wanted to get a feel of the bygone days ?”

“Feel of expressing love in bygone days , to be precise.”

“Even my creator wanted to relieve the bygone days. She feels that I belong to a species which should be cherished and preserved. She finds happiness while creating me, she finds writing every letter and above all she says , ‘ wait is itself a wonderful journey; from the moment I will dispatch you, I will wait till you are received by my friend and I will wait for his reply ; it gives a joy which lasts longer than the joy of getting reply of  SMS or e-mail ; you, my letter , have something ‘me ‘ in you which I fail to induce while texting or typing an e-mail. The every word I draw upon the blank sheet to create you is drawn by my hands ; you have been safeguarded from the auto-corrects and mechanical writing tools and you are a written version of ‘me ‘ when you reach your destination”.

“I feel her words are true for me as well even though my creator didn’t mention or failed to realized maybe”.

“Of course”, I nodded. “ My creator writes letter to her close friends and this holds true for all of us.”

“ Yes. You are right . So we should write letter to each other too”.

“Er… how?”

“ I got inspired by your words. Like your creator said, ‘ it is all about expressing yourself and waiting ‘. Wait till you get my 1st letter. We will create our own world”.

I smiled. “ Yes, of course I will wait for your letter, letter .”

“Yes, and I will wait for yours. These neighbors.. the parcels are so odd looking by the way”.

“Hahahahah !!  They must be thinking the same about us”.

“Do you think SMS and E-mails will be jealous of us ? “

“ I wonder if at all they can ‘ think’ or ‘ feel ‘ “ !!

( ** This short story has been inspired by a conversation with a close friend).

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