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It was perhaps just like another night for him. She was not a party- cat ; but she never asked him to stay with her whenever he had an invitation. She would always encourage him to go.

“I don’t mind”, she would recur each time. Her placid  face seemed to hold him back.  He tried but could never had the courage to unfold  her petals. She  has always seemed mysterious, right from the moment  their parents had arranged for their marriage. Common friends said , “ she is like this “.

But she never missed out on Valentine’s Day , their marriage anniversary or  his birthday. Everything was so creative about her that he was scared; even after 2 years , he was scared to face her; she never expressed ; her lips were cold but he was a romantic; perhaps both were fools, only with different ways of expression. He could never garner the strength to be brave just for once.

“ Not going anywhere to celebrate New Year ? “, she asked the moment she heard him entering.

“Umm… no.. just… “, he was hesitant.

Her eyes sparkled. They followed him as he freshened up and  took his  seat on the couch.

She rushed into the kitchen and hurried back with coffee; over the coffee, floated  the shape of a heart of cream, like a floating love, which was not noticed by the skylark.

He looked at her taking the mug from her hands. She looked into his eyes.

“ You….. you want to say anything? “,  he asked. For the 1st time in these two years,  the urge had triggered and he just wanted to ask. That is it.

In the brushes of dawn,

Shed the feathers of the swan,

A dream to cherish , a life to live,

Something unnamed and more than just love,

A word  called ‘ together ‘ ,

Happy New Year “.

Her words were spontaneous, as if they were written long time back, as they were just waiting for that key to reveal themselves.

Within moments, her head was buried in his chest, and he was caressing the curls he never touched.

“You never said …..”, he groaned.

“You never asked about me “, she bit her lips.

“I  knew you are a poet. Never knew what it feels to suck the words from a poet “.

“Words are my wealth. Words are what I have. Words are what I can give “. She could not speak. His lips have already conquered the crown.

The bursting of crackers outside resonated “ HAPPY NEW Year “



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