Written On New Year’s Eve…..

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Not a pain cares to kiss me ,

Its turpitude grins at the forlorn face,

I can hear the whistle of the train far away,

Tomorrow won’t be just another day !!


The afflicted day cried to me,

For you are always busy defending the night;

Sahara’s grass spoke of the path you left behind,

A dying blue flower, striving of your smile’s light !!


The cold scratches the soft fur of Hijli,

Perhaps a creative spice could have helped?

The city will not wake up to your absence ,

And me? I should rather hide behind your darkness !!



Let me burn in the coldness of your eyes,

At least I will be alive again,

A charred Christmas fate has left,

My scarred hands can sense your cold,

Take my fate and let me faint ,

For eternity in your coldness,

It will be a New Year !!



6 thoughts on “Written On New Year’s Eve…..

  1. Wow! Completely agree with Sobhan… These are beautiful ideas strung into majestic lines… Am a big big fan of your poetry now! 🙂

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