Some things never change,

Pain just takes a new form;

Deprived of writing my fingers thought,

Poetry: my heart craved!!


Tomorrow is just another page,

Or perhaps a verse I wish to write,

Nails don’t burn,

The only resort of this bard!!


Let the pain brush against the swollen skin,

The invisible breathlessness suffocates me;

The ‘ writer me ‘ is patient ;

The ‘ poet me ‘ is insurgent!!


The desire runs through my breath;

One more night and I shall faint ;

Let the pain increase but I shall write ;

Till I can be the blue flower upon your feet;

Oh, Lord with the Trident, I wait for your call!!


Life is a mere death now;

Poetry is all I have;

A pauper and a princess in one ;

Oh Lord, I want to be home !!

Let me burn in your love ,

For Sati too did it once;

Will you not come for me then ?

Let me burn in pain , O Lord,

Let my pain create the mantra,

And my burn, the ashes upon your feet !!






6 thoughts on “WRITTEN IN ILL HEALTH : 14TH JAN 2015

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