Melting the secrets of time,

In a world where repetition is a virtue,

A scarlet hue ushers a new eon ,

Growing from the scattered sorrows of history !!

She walked through the lush green path, overlooking the red ear ring which had slipped away as the strong wind blew all around the palace. Her heart was perturbed by the situations she has been dealing with since childhood.  She was tired of the world where she had to dwell; she was tired of its same old laws and the circumstances which followed; it was just more than an ennui which had encompassed her troubled heart; it was the thirst to break away from the bonds and the roles she was assigned to; she wanted to play her own role, the role of Princess Clemantine, not act as The Evil Queen Crystal V, get obsessed with beauty and then try to destroy Snow White V. She wanted to be herself, she wanted to be Clemantine, the name given to her by her mother, The Evil Queen Crystal IV ; she detested the epithet of The Evil Queen Crystal V , enforced upon her on the day of her coronation. Alas, those were the rules of her world and every moment, she struggled to break free.

She stopped near the magical apple tree.  The sky smiled with a thunder and the wind danced; the tree started to talk , “ Dear Queen Clementine, ready for your last role ?”

“ Absolutely not ” , the queen answered back .

“Then what brings my queen here ? ” , the tree asked.

“ A favour !! ” , Clemantine’s voice has a certain tone of determination.

“Sure, your Majesty”.

“Oh magical tree, you have served my mother and grandmother and my great grandmother. You have seen me growing up. You have known my darkest secrets and desires. You are my sole confidante. ”

“ Yes, Your Majesty”.

“And you know how much I hated to be the evil step mother for I love Snow White V  like my own daughter. ”

“And she knows that too, Your Majesty ”.

“And I don’t want you to give me the apple of poison .”

“But Your Majesty, that IS THE RULE. ”

“But can we not change the rule, O, my dearest tree? ”

“ Try to understand, Your Majesty. It has been going on since ages. It is a chain of events. Prince Charming will save Snow White and she will become the Queen of another world. ”

“But tree, I have brought her up and I know Snow White V more than anyone else. I have told you again and again that she doesn’t want a prince in her life to save her; she is young, she wants to roam around, she wants to explore the world, she wants to fight battles and win wars”.

“And you ? Aren’t you jealous of her beauty? ”

“Why would I ?  I am proud of  her beauty. It is true that I have not given birth to her but I brought her up. I have imbibed in her , my principles. She left for the woods not because of the law but because of her passion to explore. I had to let her go for I want her to pursue her dreams”.

“I hope you do know that your actions will bring in a huge change in this world which will disrupt the stability”.

“Yes, my dear tree, I have cognizance of the phenomena and I have been preparing for it  since my childhood. ”

“ So what shall be my role in the revolution that you are going to usher ? ”

“ ‘Change ‘ is the word, my dear friend. Don’t stop bearing magical apples but change their dynamics. I, of course, will give the apple to Snow White V but it will not be a poisonous one. It will be an apple which will instigate in her, the knowledge of nature. It will help her to explore her true potentials as she travels the whole world. ”

“As you wish,Your Majesty. This world will soon see a new dawn.”

“Yes. ”

“Your Majesty, I had a feeling you would create a history some day. Your scarlet embellishments speak volumes of your strength and determination. ”

“Thank you.”

“Snow White V is lucky to have a mother who is passionate about red because red , to her is not a hue of seduction , but represents the colour of  the blood, the enchanting fluid which links a mother  with her child”.

Clemantine smiled with affirmation. An apple fell from the tree. She took it in her hands and it started to float.

“Fly , dear apple”, she remarked with tears. “ Fly to my daughter. Tell her that her mother misses her but she is strong. Tell her to take care of herself.”

The apple started to fly. Clemantine followed it for some time,  hoping in vain , to see her daughter,  Then she stopped. She knew she had to stay back, for a greater cause, she had to stay back for her daughter.


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