MY RATING : 3.75


A novel starting with poetry!!  Well, for a poetry lover like me, it was surely a treat to my heart.  I enjoyed reading the book as the author composed tales of romance across time. I would like to talk about  some elements in the book which really deserve appreciation:

  • Poetry: The verses were mesmerizing and if I am to remember quotes from the novel, they will be these verses : “ When the winds hold me and kiss my lips, I know it’s you, I know it’s you “…. “Love me like the storms tonight, And take me in that unknown way, To that world where forever awaits, A world that I’ll know someday “…..  these verses will stay with me forever.
  • Lyrical passages : The passages are beautifully woven and lyrical which kept me engaged. I felt as if I was reading poetry.
  • Theme and background : Shimla serves the perfect background for this romantic saga; the scenes described in the novel reminded me of ‘ fairy – tale romances ‘ whose existence I have ceased to believe. However, this fairy tale has a twist as the hardships of real life distorts the apparent physical beauty and in the end, it is all about the heart and the mind who can make the reality , a living fairy tale. Rishav’s Schizophrenia proved this. I appreciate the author’s effort to bring in this psychological twist .
  • The cover : The cover of the book is appealing and truly brings out the ethos of the story. Painted in just black, white and red, it delineates the real essence of love and romance.

However, there were certain elements, which I felt need attention and should have been worked upon:

  • Characterization and loose ends : A huge importance was given to Ritu and Vikram in the first part but they seem to disappear all of a sudden in the second part. Perhaps, giving them a little more space would have been better. Also, the character of Prachi has been introduced all of a sudden at the very end of the story. From what it seemed, Prachi was Joey’s close friend but she was not mentioned anywhere earlier. Working on these lose ends would have given the novel, a more concrete shape.
  • Editing : Well, editing is a pretty important aspect of the novel. There were a few striking editing flaws which should have been mended.

Nevertheless, the book , Forever In My Heart is a story to fall in love with. I congratulate the author for writing this heart-warming lyrical piece. Looking forward to read more books of the author in future.



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