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           Of the love of the smile,

           Of the little hands so fragile,

           Of the baby steps yet to take,

           Of the uttered words which form and break,

           Of a journey of life yet to explore,

          O, my dear Baakyo, congratulations on your ‘ Annaprashon’

Dear Baakyo,

I really don’t know what to write, for I do not know the ways of the world , of familial relationships, the duties of an aunt. Motherhood is perhaps I will not understand in this lifetime. So, if I have something to say, things will be different.

I am not quite surprised to hear that you have touched the book . Well, you have them in your genes. I have watched you grow, in your mother’s womb, I have felt your presence, long before you saw the light of the day. Your 1st sight changed my outlook towards life. Even in the most distressing of situations, these days, I want to live, perhaps to see you once again.

Baakyo, I know I am not worthy enough to teach you the ways of the world, me being a loser myself but I can promise you, I will give the best of me, if there is any. I will not reject the verity of my possessiveness over you but I will let you go. You belong to the world, and the world deserves to love you, the world deserves you. You are Baakyo, the origin of all creations. You rejuvenated me, created a me who still knows how to love.

Okay, enough of lectures. Let me now tell you a story, the story of your birth. I know you must be really excited to hear it. So , let us begin :

Once upon a time, in a land, far far away, there lived an Emperor. The land was not El Dorado. It was a balance of both good and bad. It was the Emperor’s ingenuity which made the kingdom blossom with wealth , financial and intellectual. The Emperor was more than e mere human being. He was a special human being, endowed with the power to control the transportation system, outside this planet Earth. He controlled the routes and it was under his direction , that special chariots were built which would help human beings to explore the outer space. Truth and karma were his best friends and they remained with the Emperor , forever.

            One fine day, the Gods, impressed by the Emperor’s diligence, sent a woman, whose beauty, smartness and intelligence were greater than any other female human being. She was a princess of the kingdom which ran on Biological science and its findings. The Emperor and the princess married each other and started living happily. They loved each other deeply but they were not pre occupied with each other. The foci of their respective works were not at all disrupted. Their love was expressed in their care for each other and even if they would hardly get any time to be with each other, their fidelity made them epitome of  ‘ true – lovers ‘ . Every day, they would create new milestones in their work and even the vilest of human beings would get initiated on the path of virtues and love, inspired by them.

      Three years after their marriage, the Gods decided to make them complete by gifting them a baby, whose smile saved a dying a pauper. That baby ushered a new era right after his birth. His presence could even make a pauper laugh. His cherubic aura destroyed the demons of sorrow and created endless ripples of smiles.

    That baby is you, Baakyo, the origin of my life, my creations. Congratulations for you Annaprashon, once again. May this universe showers upon you, whatever that is best.

Take care,


Your pipi  🙂


  1. ” Motherhood is perhaps I will not understand in this lifetime. ”

    I beg to differ. I have seen various pictures of you with various homeless poor children during a few programs conducted by your NGO.
    It also seemed to me that you were a big reason for the success of that social work.
    I believe you have already experienced Motherhood.

    And not just this, the way you have described this tiny little life I believe you have had the same experiences of its real mother barring the pain.

    This world needs people like you, mothers like you.

    • Thank you so much 🙂 I really don’t know. All through my life I will try my best to spread smile among the orphans, among the street children whose shelter is just a flyover..but a mother does undergo a lot of pain… carrying a child and nourishing it for 9 months.. and then throughout her life.. I really don’t know.. but your words and compliments mean a lot. Thank you for inspiring me to follow the path I have chosen 🙂

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