The spirit allures me with wings of passion,

I stretch my eyes across the land of Chile,

A love, a culture, a heartbeat in the name of a game,

Copa 2015 beckons !!


A festival to write, a song to feel, 12 teams with dreams,

One world in a beautiful universe, and the  countdown begins,

Copa 2015 beckons!!


I see the Albiceleste soaring like a phoenix,

The heart bursts into a thousand dew- drop,

My words dying to print their victorious work,

Copa 2015 beckons !!


I hear cries of joy in a star – lit sky,

Waves of support brushing against the field,

A fallen Canarinho waiting to rise high,

Copa 2015 beckons!!


Days die in endless patience, moments kiss each other,

Of hearts to win, matches to breathe in the romance of a footballer,

Fixtures and dates add the tune, a melody which we hum,

Copa 2015 beckons !!


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