A Journey



It was a long way we walked, soaked in love,
The merry meadow scorned at the feathers left behind,
The sand drenched us in insanity, cruel and blind,
It was an unconscious dream we walked, soaked in love !!

Delirium quenched our hunger, hours stroke the sun,
The epic died even before the bard was born,
We saw the green losing its hue in yellow,
Our lips locked but we didn’t kiss, our sweat, too shallow !!

We chafed, we bickered, burning each other in rosy lust,
We left our shoes, we freed the hooks, our noses dipped in dust;
The path deranged us in an anesthetic wanderlust,
You saw me dying, I saw you living , in a convergence !!

The story never ends, they say, we smile in glee,
You are the ‘I’, I killed to win the diadem,
I am the ‘You’, you always wanted to be !!

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A sudden invitation landed me on a football ground in Salt Lake, as me, the crazy football lover did not want to miss an opportunity to witness the game I love. I was kind of a new face in the tournament, organized by Devrup Jyoti Gupta and his team of UKFC but feeling odd was out of the question. Sanjib Basu ( owner of Jarnail Jaguars) or rather, Sanjibda, as I call him had invited me to the event and thanks to him and Devrup or DJ ( as Devrup Jyoti is popularly known to everyone)  and others like Anirban , Biswanath da, Indrajitda never made the ‘spectator-me’ feel out of the place.  Known faces of Biswanathda and Indrajitda greeted me as I entered the  pavilion and the dribbles of the players blended with the soft drizzles tweaked a day I was going to remember forever in my life. Continue reading

Book Review: Sita’s Curse by Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

Sreemoyee Piu Kundu is a name which I didn’t come across in book stores. Rather, it was way back in 2013, when I was fascinated by a story, ‘Nice Boobs’, written by a certain author, which, according to our professor would be helpful in my term paper. I had chosen the topic of analyzing the media representations of rape, as a part of my course work in Gender Studies while I was pursuing my M.Phil in Comparative Literature from  Jadavpur University. “This woman must be someone”, I had muttered while reading the text.  Later in 2014, I found Sita’s Curse on the book shelves of a popular bookstore of Kolkata. After that, I got the honour to be in her friendlist in Facebook. Each day I started discovering and learning new things about her, about the woman in us and about the society. Finally, when I read Sita’s Curse, which happens to be Sreemoyee ma’am’s second book, I found a universe, which was locked by the norms of the society. In the current scenario when authors behave like ‘love gurus’, teaching you to get a boyfriend or a girlfriend through their works, lecturing on love over the social media during promotions, here is one Indian author, The Sreemoyee Piu Kundu who is there to peel off the mushy romantic veil, unearthing the forbidden and making a palace out of a mud castle, revealing the beauty in otherwise ignored and forbidden. Needless to say, that I got hooked to the book, and the experience was a magical one, with Sreemoyee ma’am, giving me time of her busy schedule, to discuss about things in Facebook as I read the novel. Without wasting any more words, I would like to go straight to the review. Continue reading

The Cherry Blossom

story picture 3


PICTURE COURTESYShuvojit Moulik   

[N.B.  This story has been inspired by this particular picture]

I walked towards the cherry blossom tree as the flowers giggled hiding the soft green of the leaves. The breeze of the spring was already flirting with the branches, now full of baby pink cherry blossoms. This particular tree, I have always loved, like my twin sister; I even know her age. She is twenty-five, just like me. I looked at the smiling cherry blossoms as they winked back at me, saying, ‘We told you so!!’ I nodded my head in affirmation, my eyes speaking on my behalf. Continue reading