A Journey



It was a long way we walked, soaked in love,
The merry meadow scorned at the feathers left behind,
The sand drenched us in insanity, cruel and blind,
It was an unconscious dream we walked, soaked in love !!

Delirium quenched our hunger, hours stroke the sun,
The epic died even before the bard was born,
We saw the green losing its hue in yellow,
Our lips locked but we didn’t kiss, our sweat, too shallow !!

We chafed, we bickered, burning each other in rosy lust,
We left our shoes, we freed the hooks, our noses dipped in dust;
The path deranged us in an anesthetic wanderlust,
You saw me dying, I saw you living , in a convergence !!

The story never ends, they say, we smile in glee,
You are the ‘I’, I killed to win the diadem,
I am the ‘You’, you always wanted to be !!

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