Dear Flash Gordon !!




Flash, it’s been a long time we traveled,

Our robust love broke the dreams, I gathered the pieces of the world,

I clicked the words kissed upon me,

Flash, it’s your bride I have always wanted to be !!


Tragedies are too clichéd, my dear,

I collect the sparkles lost in the dust, dying within me,

The kiss of your strength allays me from the reality afar,

Transcending beyond the world I wanted to be.


Flash, do you remember those fatuous embraces?

My predilection to lose our way amidst the lonely smoke?

Ever did you know the ramblings your love could evoke?

Ever did I know I would relentlessly write to be with you!!


Flash, the moments are scarce but my heart breathes your wishdust,

A jejune nymph, striving to find her lover,

Kiss me once again, my darling emperor,

Flash, because I am my love for you !!


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