The Sky of Wichita ( Written on the evening of 5th August 2014 under the shade of the pine tree):

the sky of wichita


Sometimes a square, sometimes a drop,

Behind that blue, where my vision would stop,

You play, the azure sky !!

In the music of dusk, smiles the sun.

A mere circle in tic-tac-toe,

Of the playful airplanes,

The moon with her trails of blue!!

I smell the air that loves to paint,

On your chest so broad and wet,

You cuddle the sun, putting him to sleep,

As I still teach our moon — the harmony of night !!

I heard the pine trees speaking to you,

In a language of red, yellow and blue;

I felt your wink in the sprinklers of the lush green,

I was just a mere wanderer,

But now I wish to stay,

You made me fall in love with you !!


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