Masudur: Ek Swapner Naam: Book Review



Name of Book : Masudur—Ek Swapner Naam ( Masudur—The Name of a Dream)

Edited by: Kanti Ganguly

Co-edited by: Amartyalok Banerjee

Published by: Paschimbanga Rajya Pratibandhi Sammilani

Genre: Non-fiction.

Language: Bangla.


Reviewing a book like Masudur –Ek Swapner Naam, a compilation of remembrance is perhaps the toughest review I am doing so far. It’s not just about the rich context of the text, the pearls of language, dripping in emotions but also about the person, who now exists in our memories, in the stories, in the pictures and in the newspapers. It’s about the champion of Bengal, Masudur Rahaman Baidya who left all of us at a tender age, winning the waves of The English Channel and the Gibraltar Strait thriving in extreme unfavourable conditions without two legs. The book is a requiem for Masudur on behalf of the people who loved him and rendered their support in whichever ways possible.

Presented to the readers in a beautiful, delicate hard cover, packed in an equally beautiful envelope featuring Masudur and his beloved, the water, the book takes us on a magical journey through the ripples of Masudur’s life. Continue reading