The Flight of the Night (I)

From the glass of the sandman, the night flew,

Across the inebriated sky, the slumber it drew.

Tossing the vigilance, it left the dreamer alone,

A weary unconsciousness woke up after the night was gone.

With fleecy eyes, they gave the last kiss,

Tender became the sweat of regret and bliss.


From the sleeping sand, the night took a flight,

Stealing rest from a lonely sojourn, with love and delight.

A howl, a chirp, the night tickled a whisper,

‘Stay there old friends, my news shall come from the air.’

And there it flew towards a sun so new,

Tearful glances coiled the morning dew.


From the sandman’s mouth, the night took a flight,

Obscuring colours, the painter forgot the sight.

And only the night knew the step thus taken,

The awaiting adventures and

Secrets of the bond that was broken.

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