On Mornings Like This…

(Picture Courtesy: Aparajita Dutta )


On mornings like this,

The butterfly will drink your sweat

Collected from the black curls of my unkempt hair,

my flowers will throttle the scorching heat

unfurling a creed in the pedagogy of your chest.


On mornings like this,

The heaving volcano will freeze my nails

Piercing and pouncing upon the trails

of smoked kisses in your breakfast platter

You will relish my warm viscous milk.


On mornings like this,

My naval will breathe for you,

talk in secrets and little verses

about the bites that await

You will not need a spoon for your rice crumbs.


On mornings like this,

Oh beloved, let’s make a fierce love

Strangled in the juices of our daily shower.

Break my quiescent desire

On mornings like this, we will wake up

To devour



*Day 3 Poem 3 *





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