When the Fall Colours Bleed

(Picture Courtesy: Aparajita Dutta )

Do you know when fall colours bled?
The blazing sun stole the clock
That wrote the leaves of future
On a pamphlet they still serve
Along the spreadsheet of jet plane’s verve;
Cries, I could fear
Emanating from the deciduous snow…
Where the fall colours bleed now.
A sacrosanct homecoming
For the homeless,
And I found my path again
An expatriate who will never stop for the Church bell
Or the meatballs;
There will be a silence when the wind will pick up the smithereens of flesh
Drawn from the pellucid tears;
And for once, the night will lose its way
and paint my corpse
with the blood of our fall colours !!

#Day6 #Poem6


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