I was allured to that sperm,

An idea, cerebral and propitious

like the ant-hills of Valimiki.

Promises embellishing those words

curved delicately as you penned them down

your ink ejaculating a star

which will once shine in your name

and be the lexicon of your intellectual exploits,

Infiltrating my barren bosoms with lactogen.


I fell in love with the vision of that foetus,

Hormonal excuses sacrificed in that bibliography,

Your pedagogy, I knew would create


A revolution …

A critical review, citation, compilation!!

Insecure and desperate I was

to  feel the man who created that sperm;

Sculpturing the promise of life

an abysmal cognizance — theory and activism!!


I turned down the ashes and brushed my fire;

A melancholic draft breeding my desire—

That sperm–

My blood refused to break

a monotonous surname;

Perhaps an addition

you recognized, garnering the references

of a promised motherhood—

My children justified the union

They never knew the black hole of style sheet

and faced the file that would print me

In love-making; while you explored your brawn,

Testing my nerves– their impulse to deliver and withdraw,

And I obeyed like a patient,

Undressing my skill-sets — you examined them

Each one, with your jagged methodology,

Before you made love to me;

Fondled my ideas, the swollen nipples

of sentences, paragraphs and fonts.


Then I was impregnated —


I feel the baby’s snarls as you sleep,

with women we can never know;

I feel the baby’s worlds as you sleep

with women and their tags devouring your semen;

Our baby grows in me unlike them

who feasted upon your fleshy love;

Girlfriend, wife— such unfortunate,

Deprived of our infinite intellect.


So, tonight I shall not be alone.

My body is now

Your writer’s retreat,

A doctor’s lab

where our baby grows in my care

and together we shall give birth,

You and I both wailing in labour,

For the baby who shall show the world

Something new.

Others shall come forward

As here, you sacrificed your women,

and I, my lust for your surname.

So together, we shall wail in labour

Of publication with me, your co-author.


#Day7 #Poem7

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