Written for Jyatha’s Death Anniversary ( 8th April, 2007):

Do I need a day?

Oh! Phew– you have saved the years for me.
Memories run in dactylic metres,
An aborted aeon fretters,
When Valmiki violated his muse.
There was a change,
Like the one brought to me,
Not now… but then
as the years count to ten.

Do I need a day?
When my tears wrote the lyrics
erupting the oceans upon dead Mars,
I reject the muse, I reject the demise,
Because volcanoes do cry
In the whirlwind of life
That tends to defy
Your existence!!

My propensity to poetry poisons me.
I scream when I see them,
Taking my heart away.
Burning it, they said,
‘Your Jyatha’s last rites are done.’

Words, poems, novels, translation
like discarded vapours
Captivated in gas cylinders.
My hands breathe
and again tears come alive.

I stoop down upon your memories,
A very precious childhood,
Now a tale to inspire many.
The cult of happiness did exist.

But yes, today is the day,
which exposed me to
the sun of separation.
My soul burns
and your love picks up my ashes,
Keeping me alive, as I spend another year,
Without you —
My dearest Jyatha!!

#Day8  #Poem8


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