Your Intellect is my Poison

(Image Source: Google)

Your intellect is my poison
You forced me to drink,
Like the menstruating jasmine
Heals the night, waiting
To reach the haven
Under the sun.

Your intellect is my poison
I embraced for my own pleasure,
Sailing my ship towards the doldrum,
I fell prey to my baleful desire.
Blessed was the Minerva,
Who had every knowledge of her own;
A muse she was for the abject poets,
But in you, I find my school to learn.

Your intellect is my poison,
A drug my naval needs,
Churning out the enigmatic obsidian,
I collect your knowledge in beads.
My curls dry as the desert cries,
The heart builds cerebral ties,
Saving me from debauchery’s guilt,
For a pauper like me, the library was built.
There’s no sense when I talk of your skin,
There’s no sense when I seek,
The pleasure of your secured lips,
The warmth of those hands that indite,
The dominance waiting like a thunder to strike.

The poison plays the lawyer,
And policeman gives up his act;
Have you ever known the poet
Compromise and make a pact?
So my quill unleashes my emotion,
Drawn somewhere in a clandestine submission,
I live because my antidote is same,
Your intellect as it becomes my poison again!!


#Day16 #Poem16

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