To my dear fascist Comrade:


Oh my dear fascist comrade,
Do you wake up in the morning,
And brush your teeth?
Feeling good, aren’t you?
To see how her tears supply the salt
For her teeth;
The advertisement advised,
Salt gives strength to our gum.
Her gum is strong now.
Remember her?
You just gave her the luxury to marry again,
Yesterday — you killed her husband,
A Muslim.
Such peace!!

My dear fascist comrade,
Don’t worry, I won’t tell them,
Beef gives you allergies;
But poor souls– they think you are,
Your mitron’s puppet;
Come on, I know you have duties;
Give it some time for research,
Soon they will invent a detergent
That can wash away blood stains,
And that feeling of guilt.
That traitor made you befriend
Sleeping pills!!

Oh my dear fascist comrade,
How long will you rape us
With your Nationalism?
How long will you inject
Vitamin saffron and
Mock a monster?
Can you replace haemoglobin?
Don’t you know?
How our blood can grow?
And hijack your saffron?
Be the rancid fluid in between your thighs
My dear fascist comrade,
You will suffocate like a zombie
And wish you could be a human!

#Day18 #Poem18


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