They say it will rain again

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They say it will rain again,
The crow splashes perfume
As I look up;
The sky is drinking red wine,
Perhaps intending to travel,
Leaving me,
Bickering with my dreams
And songs you hum,
Clearing the foam gliding along
Your wet arms.

They say it will rain,
Oh, Beloved!
The silence of the Evergreen Forest
Shall give me company,
I wait for the thunder;
It draws your stentorian exploits.
Can I ask you…?
Oh, but wait—
I hear the exigency across the poles
To purify the ice—
It smells of cold storage;
Missiles of human flesh
Need more than just a casket;
Heavy hearts mate with graves
And they feast upon chrysanthemums–
White, the fairer goddess,
A delectable breakfast platter.
Still, the rain might come.

I will touch the water
And pretend it’s another
Hormonal attack;
That I have too many tear glands.
Cramps suffocate me,
Deriding a sudden revelation.

They say it will rain again,
Oh, Beloved!
I stitch my verses together,
Till the sun comes,
Flooding my barren life,
With rain.

NaPoWriMo Day 24; Poem 24


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