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           Of the love of the smile,

           Of the little hands so fragile,

           Of the baby steps yet to take,

           Of the uttered words which form and break,

           Of a journey of life yet to explore,

          O, my dear Baakyo, congratulations on your ‘ Annaprashon’

Dear Baakyo,

I really don’t know what to write, for I do not know the ways of the world , of familial relationships, the duties of an aunt. Motherhood is perhaps I will not understand in this lifetime. So, if I have something to say, things will be different. Continue reading





Breaking the dark of the night you have come,

Heralding a new beginning, a new eon.

The wait leaves the feet of the tired heart,

Your smile washes away the sores,

With all the love in our heart,

Baakyo : we welcome you !!



The words stopped letting go off the emotions unknown,

Feelings I never felt, till you were born.

I see the scratches of incompleteness healing by your smile,

My happiness plays with the look of your eyes,

My heart bathes in the foams of the new relation,

Baakyo : the child of truth and love !!




Accoutered with few words and feelings yet to discover,

I try to compose this little doggerel .

Happiness skips the expressions,

New emotions born every hour,

A new start, a new life,

 Baakyo : welcome to our family !!