An Open Letter to Chetan Bhagat


Dear CB,

Congratulations for your best sellers and movies. Happy to see someone from IIT can actually enter the world of literature and produce such brilliant pieces of writing. So how have you been doing these days? All’s well I suppose? No, not asking because cherish ‘lust’ for you. I’m not ‘the Indian thinking woman’. I am just an ordinary girl who has no clue of your abstruse works. Really. I mean I have tried reading them but they never made any sense to me. I mean, why do you have characters from engineering colleges only? And why are they frustrated? I appreciate your penchant for numbers ( engineer after all ) and that must be the reason for your titles, ‘ 1 night at call center’, ‘ 5.someone’, ‘1.5 girlfriend’ but I think my IQ is too low to comprehend your stories. I saw that you have been judging dance reality shows. Hmm… talented Chetan you are. And now this tweet of yours provoked me to finally gather my courage to write this open letter to you.

Seems like you have been working out. Good for you, I mean your health. You know you have grown old quickly, defaming IIT by producing works of art which are excellent props for our beloved Prime Minister’s Swachh Bharat Abhijan Campaign. But let me warn you, you are showing some serious symptoms of Alzheimer’s . Why? Well, you wanted to become a writer. That was good. Engineers can be writers too. But then you became a marketing professional cum writer. You got confused. You wanted to try out dancing too by judging dance reality show. You have been fortunate enough to born in a era where you don’t have to read Arthasastra to qualify yourself as a politician. So you tried politics as well. And finally when all these things have been done and dusted, you are trying out modelling with ‘ plenty of sex packs’. I wonder what you will try next but have you considered the job of a sweeper ever? You are a writer. So you should imagine. Why don’t you do that for our sake and do some good to the society by cleaning off the shit you have been creating and spreading since that ominous day when you got published? Trust me, we would really appreciate that.

However only sane thing you have done or said is calling yourself an ‘object’ with respect to your latest obsession. It’s good that you don’t consider yourself a human being anymore. At least the human race will be spared from the defaming you have been doing to those poor IIT-ians.  You’re an object now. Okay. We all understand even writing those novels was becoming detrimental to your psychological health.

Yes, now coming to this latest obsession where you have already declared yourself as an ‘object’, something which actually provoked me to write this …you have made it official. You are the lust object of the Indian thinking woman. Congratulations CB!! With my M.Phil degree from Jadavpur University, I am honoured to classify myself as the Ignorant Indian Woman  but I do cherish lust for you.

Yes, I cherish my lust for you when I pass by the garbage dumps and the smell greets me reminding me of the noxious air you and your works have infiltrated the world of literature with. Then I see the garbage, heaps of waste dumped into the garbage bin. I wish to see your works there, desperately for they still smell of fresh air, something pretty uncanny for them. Please don’t deprive them of their beloved emperor. How can the garbage dump be complete without the works you have written so far? Do understand their desire, their need and the exigency.

I would refrain myself from saying anything more. I hope you can understand where you are needed. Get well soon.

Thanks and regards,

The Ignorant Indian Woman.


Lo Real Maravilloso ( The Magic Realism)




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‘Great going, son.’

‘Thank you. How have you been?’

‘Ah all well. Happy to get rid of the solitude.’

‘Solitude? So it’s all full of people out there?’

‘Oh no. Not that kind of solitude.’


‘The solitude of being alone.’

‘You are not alone there now? So it was all empty since 2014?’

‘Haha !! Silly boy. You talk like others. Like what they say for you.’

‘Okay. And what do you mean by that?’

‘You always get compared to Maradona. Maradona’s successor…’

‘Yeah that’s true. Because both of us have been Argentine footballers.’

‘I don’t believe your version of the story because I feel it’s just their version of the story you are compelled to tell.’

‘Nobody forced me to. I don’t think so.’

‘Ohoohoo… harmless little fellow. I know how you react to those tackles. You just smile away. ‘

‘Oh… come on. It’s a part of the game.’

‘And you play on … revealing the magic…’

‘In the way you did … with your words…’

‘So you see… that’s the solitude I was talking about.’

‘I had no intention to create anything. I was just being me.’

‘That’s what we have always been. Just us. We have always been ourselves.’

‘And yes, if that’s magic to people, let’s call that.’

‘Because they don’t know us. That’s why we were different to them. Lo real maravilloso is ours.’

‘True. You never know how you create it.’

‘But when you create it, you can see it, you can feel it.’

‘And it exists in all of us. Some just becomes dominant. Like we did. We all have Carpentiers and Maradonas within us.’

‘And we are not individual magicians.’

‘Yes, that’s the solitude I was talking about.’

‘But it’s nothing new.’

‘Yes, It is . The world of football is unlocked now. Lo real maravilloso of football.’

‘We all did it.’

‘I know. All of us did it. All of us have been doing it. Faces bearing the spirit … evoking the spirit of our culture, our history. ‘

‘And you exist in us. I hear a lot of people waiting to hear from you.’

‘I’m there among all of you … in spirit.’

‘Lo real maravilloso it is !!’

‘Dreams … desires… and our culture… our entity… the empire for once stood still… bowed down … accepted the defeat. ‘

‘Again. In the way they love your words.’

‘Yes, again. Through all odds…’

‘The journey continues then…’

‘Yes, and I hope someday people will start pronouncing our names together.’

‘Yes. Because lo real maravilloso exists in football too. All we need to do is to unlock it.’

‘That’s already been done. One hundred years of solitude championed our creative spirit. And now it’s one hundred years of Copa.’

‘Literature… football… in the spirit of Latin America. Lo real maravilloso. Our culture!!’

‘The Garcia Marquez of football.’

‘Lo real maravilloso of Latin Ameirca.’






Jyatha: A Tribute

He smiled at me, rays of love, emanating from his phlegmatic face, a love which inspired me to paint my words in different languages. Like every Bengali child, I was acquainted with the book, Thakumar Jhuli, a collection of Bangla fairy tales. But for me, jyatha’s stories were much more interesting than the princes, Lal Kamal and Nil Kamal. He too had such princes, but I at that time, was too naive to understand the source of attraction. Later, as I look back, I find my own fantasies, embedded in them, as he coloured my childhood with imagination, embedding fables in my subconscious heart. Continue reading




Melting the secrets of time,

In a world where repetition is a virtue,

A scarlet hue ushers a new eon ,

Growing from the scattered sorrows of history !!

She walked through the lush green path, overlooking the red ear ring which had slipped away as the strong wind blew all around the palace. Her heart was perturbed by the situations she has been dealing with since childhood.  She was tired of the world where she had to dwell; she was tired of its same old laws and the circumstances which followed; it was just more than an ennui which had encompassed her troubled heart; it was the thirst to break away from the bonds and the roles she was assigned to; she wanted to play her own role, the role of Princess Clemantine, not act as The Evil Queen Crystal V, get obsessed with beauty and then try to destroy Snow White V. She wanted to be herself, she wanted to be Clemantine, the name given to her by her mother, The Evil Queen Crystal IV ; she detested the epithet of The Evil Queen Crystal V , enforced upon her on the day of her coronation. Alas, those were the rules of her world and every moment, she struggled to break free.

She stopped near the magical apple tree.  The sky smiled with a thunder and the wind danced; the tree started to talk , “ Dear Queen Clementine, ready for your last role ?”

“ Absolutely not ” , the queen answered back .

“Then what brings my queen here ? ” , the tree asked.

“ A favour !! ” , Clemantine’s voice has a certain tone of determination.

“Sure, your Majesty”.

“Oh magical tree, you have served my mother and grandmother and my great grandmother. You have seen me growing up. You have known my darkest secrets and desires. You are my sole confidante. ”

“ Yes, Your Majesty”.

“And you know how much I hated to be the evil step mother for I love Snow White V  like my own daughter. ”

“And she knows that too, Your Majesty ”.

“And I don’t want you to give me the apple of poison .”

“But Your Majesty, that IS THE RULE. ”

“But can we not change the rule, O, my dearest tree? ”

“ Try to understand, Your Majesty. It has been going on since ages. It is a chain of events. Prince Charming will save Snow White and she will become the Queen of another world. ”

“But tree, I have brought her up and I know Snow White V more than anyone else. I have told you again and again that she doesn’t want a prince in her life to save her; she is young, she wants to roam around, she wants to explore the world, she wants to fight battles and win wars”.

“And you ? Aren’t you jealous of her beauty? ”

“Why would I ?  I am proud of  her beauty. It is true that I have not given birth to her but I brought her up. I have imbibed in her , my principles. She left for the woods not because of the law but because of her passion to explore. I had to let her go for I want her to pursue her dreams”.

“I hope you do know that your actions will bring in a huge change in this world which will disrupt the stability”.

“Yes, my dear tree, I have cognizance of the phenomena and I have been preparing for it  since my childhood. ”

“ So what shall be my role in the revolution that you are going to usher ? ”

“ ‘Change ‘ is the word, my dear friend. Don’t stop bearing magical apples but change their dynamics. I, of course, will give the apple to Snow White V but it will not be a poisonous one. It will be an apple which will instigate in her, the knowledge of nature. It will help her to explore her true potentials as she travels the whole world. ”

“As you wish,Your Majesty. This world will soon see a new dawn.”

“Yes. ”

“Your Majesty, I had a feeling you would create a history some day. Your scarlet embellishments speak volumes of your strength and determination. ”

“Thank you.”

“Snow White V is lucky to have a mother who is passionate about red because red , to her is not a hue of seduction , but represents the colour of  the blood, the enchanting fluid which links a mother  with her child”.

Clemantine smiled with affirmation. An apple fell from the tree. She took it in her hands and it started to float.

“Fly , dear apple”, she remarked with tears. “ Fly to my daughter. Tell her that her mother misses her but she is strong. Tell her to take care of herself.”

The apple started to fly. Clemantine followed it for some time,  hoping in vain , to see her daughter,  Then she stopped. She knew she had to stay back, for a greater cause, she had to stay back for her daughter.


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Like the  ‘moon lover’ , I will hide my tears,

In a cascade you will never find,

Away from the woods of Hijli,

Floating in unconsciousness.


The silence is too heavy to bear,

Even more than this charring skin;

Kiss the dragonfly that flew into your hands,

Give  its death to me !!


I  can see Sahara’s siesta,

And that light that heats up your room;

Useless tears left me long ago,

Even before you knew I cried for you !!


Like the ‘ moon – lover ‘ I shall write,

Weaving words in the clouds you see,

When the breeze blows and touches your smile,

Just know, it was a verse from you , to me !!





This faraway star can merely gaze,

In helplessness and anxiety;

In a world with roads of silence ;

For your recovery, didi.


Lost in a galaxy where air of strangeness prevails,

Perhaps hope is just a new found oasis,

I sail and burn inside,

Hoping for your recovery.


If only my poetry could do wonders,

Alas, it is just a mere fantasy;

Words are the wealth I have ,

I would rather be poor just to see you recover!!


In anxiety I thrive,

Waiting to see your  ever smiling  face;

Waiting to get scolded and teased ;

Waiting to see a recovered you !!





Well, to be honest, when Paulami didi 1st asked me to review her book, I felt my review would be biased for she is a very dear sister of mine and I have seen her work at wee hours , doing all the research for one single book.I know the effort she has given to write the book. I was given the privilege to attend the book launch on 28th of October, held at Abar Baithak : The Coffee Shop, Kolkata, India. But now after reading the book , I am convinced that the review will not be a biased anymore for the book really deserves to be taught as a text in Departments of Border Studies and Conflict Studies.

Badshah Moitro, the veteran actor of Tollywood Film Industry , who happened to be the chief guest , mentioned this particular point in his keynote address : ” I would like you all to remember that the idea of this particular book came after the movie , RI : THE HOMELAND OF UNCERTAINTY  was made. We see movies are being made from books but this is one is just the opposite. And this is what that makes the book special”.  Yes, Badshah Moitro’s words are true and before talking about the book, I would like to say that it was a tough challenge for the author to fit the movie in a novel of 30K words as per the guidelines of the publisher. After reading the book, one will feel that word limit was a constraint, a disadvantage to be precise but the author applied words in such a strategic way with intense dialogues, stringing every letter with care that the book stands out as a an unique text, against all odds.

“Shillong ” , “Meghalaya ” :  such fascinating names.. aren’t they?? And the 1st thing that comes to your mind, when you hear them? Tourist spot .. holiday.. isn’t it ?  Well, they have become a tourist spot of war and if you want to spend your holiday in a chaotic place, taking a break from your peaceful , secured mundane life, well, Shillong is the place for you. As I read through the intriguing pages of the book, I got goosebumps for I never thought that the rivers of blood and hatred have traversed the tranquil scenic beauty of Shillong.

I would not ruin people’s interest by narrating what is there in the book. Rather, I would prefer to limit myself to discuss about the themes which I found extremely interesting and unique :

(1) TERRORIST – FREEDOM FIGHTER DILEMMA : The author, through the character of  Manbha has wonderfully portrayed this ‘ terrorist – freedom  fighter dilemma ‘ . She reflects upon the situations which make the youth choose these paths and also the breaking of their illusion when they see the merciless killings and become a part of them too.

(2) ROLE OF THE PRESS : Through the interactions between Janet and S.P. Kyndiah, the role of the press in situations of anarchy have been portrayed well by the author. It reflects upon how the press shapes people’s views and also their limitations which often backfires and overshadows the verity of the situation.

(3) SHILLONG : HEAVEN OR HELL : Each and every word of the book bleeds the pain of the people and the police who fight against the terror that has shaken the paradise called, ‘ Shillong’.  It will make you cry even if you do not have any idea about North -East; it will make you pray for those souls and it will make you shift your eyes from the news of ISIS or Kashmir and feel grieved for the residents of this paradise.

I don’t feel I am accoutered well enough to rate this book . There are so many sub themes to talk about and discuss that I felt, a single blog post is just not enough. I have tried to talk about the prime themes and I have plans to take up the text ( yes, I  prefer to call it a text of study ) and work on it for some research paper in the near future. I also feel, I need to read more about the theories of power , politics and media before I can restart my discussion on the book again. And yes, thank you Paulami didi for writing this wonderful piece of literature and also giving  me a signed copy. I feel like a celebrity now 😛 😀10671217_548164618648815_2846708808272407829_n