We played with Words

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We. played with words

Like roasted clouds
Lighting up the stars;
Your eyes– radiant
as you picked up the letters
In a gossamer delight;
They had picked up the little girl
Diffident and scared,
Fulfilling their paedophilic duties.

You took your Ace,
Vying the protocol.
‘Trump,’ you said,
Is not a name
But our creation.

You took my script
And initiated me into
Your world
Where solecism fails to breach
Your woods,
Leading me to indulgence,
I feared to afford.

‘Look,’ I wail, ‘ the chemicals,
They scathe my flesh!’
A drop of blood falls.
A child dies.

Your smile generates the storm,
A propulsive doctrine
As you place your hands
Upon my heaving flesh,
I forgot the name.
I sense the burning in my womb;
We make words
As I fall asleep
In the lull.
Wake me up,
When the words are
Churned enough,
To bleed!!

#NaPoWriMo #Day26 #Poem26