It’s raining here


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It’s raining here,
The raindrops and my desires,
Contentious, on their guards
Infuriating my collar bone
and a dormant soul
Saw the ring of fire.

My emotions were desiccating
Before they remembered your name;
The thunder travelled all the way
From moon.
The horses neighed,
Breaking the dusts,
Marching towards broken clouds,
Sold off to dreamers
And the remnants of tattered childhood.

The thunder came like your voice
And it rained!!
The raindrops and my emotions
Broke the shackles of responsibility.
The earth stopped rotating,
A moment escaped
From the prison of the Milky Way.
My intellect sapped;
I wish to embrace the raindrops,
And feel Tristan’s potion.

Perhaps you would smell
The restlessness in my wet curls
And remember…
There— yes, there—
Dreams failed to
Allay the acid burns
And the children looked like toy guns,
Made of Legos,
Words they heard
When they saw the child of their Moses
Crying for a missing piece.

It’s raining here,
The raindrops and my emotions,
The desires,
You have released the floodgate.
The glacier has started to melt.
But let me ask you,
Oh, Beloved,
When will the sun
Set the ripple from the West,
Water of the raindrops,
To the longing East?

NaPoWriMo Day 23;Poem 23

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