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Hello friends !! Welcome to Crystallasia. This a world of letters, stories, imaginations and poetry, created by  Aparajita Dutta. Aparajita completed her M.Phil in  Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University in 2015. She is a writer, poet, translator, researcher and a social activist. She has been published online and offline one of which includes Tell me a Story by Penguin India where she is chosen as a contributing author. Readomania, football blog, GOALden Times, Varta are among such platforms. Her areas of interest include gender rights, sports, disability rights, child rights, food and travel.

            Welcome to her world where will get the zephyr of poetry and meadows of prose blended with words and experiences. Feel free to go through her writings and leave a comment. Thank you 🙂 


10 thoughts on “About the Blog

    • Hey… Thank you so much Saumya. 🙂 Well, certain ideas had started forming in my mind and then it was ‘one fine day ‘ and that ‘one certain moment’, I decided to start scribbling and then it all happened. Honestly, when I published the 1st part, Panchali, I was stunned to see so many people sharing it; some ( friends of friends ) too started commenting and messaging me demanding the 2nd one. They encouraged me and helped me to go on with the flow 🙂

    • HEy thank you 🙂 I have some sets of poems and other stories too 🙂 Please read them when time permits and would be honored to get reviews 🙂 Thank you 🙂

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