Jyatha: A Tribute

He smiled at me, rays of love, emanating from his phlegmatic face, a love which inspired me to paint my words in different languages. Like every Bengali child, I was acquainted with the book, Thakumar Jhuli, a collection of Bangla fairy tales. But for me, jyatha’s stories were much more interesting than the princes, Lal Kamal and Nil Kamal. He too had such princes, but I at that time, was too naive to understand the source of attraction. Later, as I look back, I find my own fantasies, embedded in them, as he coloured my childhood with imagination, embedding fables in my subconscious heart. Continue reading


The Sky of Wichita ( Written on the evening of 5th August 2014 under the shade of the pine tree):

the sky of wichita


Sometimes a square, sometimes a drop,

Behind that blue, where my vision would stop,

You play, the azure sky !!

In the music of dusk, smiles the sun.

A mere circle in tic-tac-toe,

Of the playful airplanes,

The moon with her trails of blue!!

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Dear Flash Gordon !!




Flash, it’s been a long time we traveled,

Our robust love broke the dreams, I gathered the pieces of the world,

I clicked the words kissed upon me,

Flash, it’s your bride I have always wanted to be !!


Tragedies are too clichéd, my dear,

I collect the sparkles lost in the dust, dying within me,

The kiss of your strength allays me from the reality afar,

Transcending beyond the world I wanted to be.

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Diary of a Social-Worker: E:01: CWF : My Newfound Family

cwf image


“Social-worker”, a very fancy term to use, isn’t it?  To most people, it’s a very prestigious ‘tag’ to use in parties, in front of friends and colleagues. The more I see the world, the more I try to find the absence of Mother Teresas and Father Teresas around me. I might be sounding hypocritical myself, with the very title of my series, ‘Diary of a Social-Worker’. But tell me honestly. Would you even read it had it been something like ‘Diary of a new Life’ or ‘Chronicles of a Girl finding a new Meaning’ or sort of things? No. Why? Because of the heavy weight carried by the term ‘social-worker’, which is often misused in the society and taken advantage of. All of us are related to ‘social- work’ now-a-days. New NGOs and NPOs are propping up every now and then. Oh yes, if you are a social worker, you would not have to face severe punishment for ruthless driving and killing lives. ‘Power’ you call it? Yes.  I have been always wished to help people who need it. This helping comes under the tag ‘social work’. Many of my peers contribute financially but slowly with time, I realized that perhaps our society needs more than financial contribution, perhaps the people we want to help financially  need a bit of our time and perhaps just doing something for a day and completely forgetting them for the rest of our lives are just not enough, at least for me. Irked by the actions of a lot of people, roaming around with DSLRs, writing as “I am the ‘official photographer’ of XYZ NGO” , clicking pictures with the deprived people and posting them on the social media,  acting like the ‘messiah’, I wished to get in touch with some organization which perhaps could help me grow, teach me, correct my misconceptions and help me do a little for the world. And then, CWF happened. Continue reading