Of the vainglory of words, I refuse to write,

 With bleeding emotions, for you I indite;

Unmatched and ignored by your musical epiphany,

This is all I can give!!


Let the distance be the soothing sky,

That stanches the rain of emotion,

My butterfly- desires to fly;

Oh!! Set me free!!


Of the lupine past and the hours yet to come,

Of the insidious wind, dipped in Corr’s tone;

Of the sinewy distance where my wings can’t traverse,

I fall back!!


Of the equivocal whispers, let me be the vowel,

Of the darkness damsel, let me be the miracle;

Of the feathered drops of wind in Malkosh,

I wish!! If only!!


Of the incorrigible conundrum, sip that wind,

Of that dusty thorn, soothe the bond;

Of miracles to happen, sooner or later,

I know!! It will!!


Let the wounds placate for water is not clear,

Let the flute play with the silk breeze so dear;

Let the probity bask in glory, even when the earth shatters,

Let me succumb to darkness in return of the light!!


Let the viscous beat resonate in the Stygian air,

Let the shrill break through the darkness so dear;

Let the emaciated eyes glare in hope’s faith;

I know!! It will!!


Let the dying heart stoke the earthquake of hope,

If Saturn wants, let me be the bait;

Let the light come from the nerves of pain and sweat;

Oh!! Let me be the miracle!!


Let the soothing pain tout the dark,

Let the blood grieve for that glaring mark;

Let the sweetness of dawn break the heart;

I remain, the explorer!!


Of the seminal sea and songs to sing,

Of the seaming wander love, the bird will bring;

Of the archetype hopes yet to bloom;

I know!!  

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