Of the precious shame, I breathe,

Of the Corr’s rush in midnight,

Of the shores, out of sight,

My swollen eyes!!


Of the seminal shame, I desire,

Delving deep into the insidious fire,

Spreading the wounded wings,

I explore!!


Let me rue for the solitude is anesthetic,

Let me feel the pain of the phlegmatic,

Let me kiss the blood of sweat,

Set me free!!


Of the endless flounders,

The laconic heart wonders,

Of the not-to-be possessed soul,

I remain the explorer !!


Of the ersatz kiss, let it be,

Of loneliness’s bride, I shall be ,

Tied by the knots of uncertainty,

I remain the explorer!!


Of the smithereens of solitude,

Of the unknown tone’s beatitude,

Of the cowered heart dying in the desert,

I remain the explorer!!


Of the indigent pains, I cherish,

No, I don’t want the solitude to perish,

For the midnight’s shame is all mine,

Oh!! I love to be the explorer!!


Of the words, inappropriate to use,

Of the bard without the muse,

Of the doggerel written in pain,

Ink flows!!


Of the wondrous pain that beleaguers,

Of the wanton verses the heart cheers,

Of the dead ebullience,

I emerge!!


Of the revealed shame and hidden solitude,

Of the midnight’s dream and words so prude,

Of the forbidden kisses and whispered winks,

Tears soak!!

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